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Of course, I can't have created Clompish all on my own. Here I give credit to those who I have used things from, or who provide a service to me.

Stock Photos

Sobi.org - cats and nature
Myself - every theme
Macnmotion.com - some animals
Heardrops.org - nature
Howstuffworks.com - cars
Flickr - every theme
ShawnJennings - V. 13 Header Image


Neopets HTML - the basics
Tutorialtastic - everything
Sunnyneo - blogs and shields
Smiley Helper - everything
Juniper - validation

Image Hosting

Photobucket - all images

Website/Domain Hosting

MidPhase - .com domain
Webs - school websites


Skyline Illusions - brushes, backgrounds, masks, textures
RainysWorld - brushes
Celestial Star - textures
Obsidian Dawn - brushes and textures
Anime Rain - brushes and textures
Kloud Nine - brushes
Smiley Helper - brushes and textures
Jigsaw Puzzle - tiled backgrounds, brushes, textures
Turk-hit-box - brushes
Javier (DeviantART) - textures and brushes
Miyukiori (DeviantART) - textures
Heartdrops.org - brushes and textures
Webtreats - social network icons
Aneesah's Hideaway - blog emoticons
Swimchick - textures
DearAgony - tiled backgrounds
Roo - adoptables


Paint.NET - graphics program
Unfreez - animations
Notepad - typing in coding, etc.


Dafont - nearly every font
RainbowKitties.net - Harry Potter font

Other Help

Cbox.ws - chat box
Heartdrops.org - her tutorials
Jenn - FanUpdate
Juniper - tutorials
Smiley Helper - tutorials
Herb - tutorials and support


Some things were found using search engines. I might not have everyone's credits on here, even though I try as hard as possible. If you see something that's yours that I used, contact me and I'll add you immediately, no hassle. Thank you.